Chairmans Message

Dear Members,

It gives me great pleasure and pride to be asked to be the next Chairman of North Lancs. For those of you who don’t know me I served on the Teenage Committee, 1983-1988, 2 years as a Committee member and 3 years Chairman and still have the Chairman’s Badge in my caravan!

Being the Teenage Chairman was a lot of responsibility in those days with several events to organise in the year such as the Valentines Rally, Sports Rally, Children’s Christmas Party, charity raising and at 15 years old, negotiating rally fees with landowners. I also had to book a venue for the Saturday night social, order milk for the 2 mornings and the Sunday papers all of which would be delivered to each caravan by the Committee. I clearly remember one year, June 1985, the Sports Rally, I arrived at the rally field on the Thursday night with my Dad to find the farmer had forgotten our booking and ploughed the field! Being faced with the possibility of having to cancel the rally for 60+ caravans, ‘Operation New Venue’ commenced. A new field was found that night.

So, for me I owe a massive amount of gratitude to North Lancs as having had the opportunity of the being involved with the Teenage Committee it helped me learn the basics in business, public speaking but most of all I met great friends who I still remain close too today, nearly 35 years on!

Since March 2020 we have all had to change the way we live due to the Pandemic, in and out of lockdown not knowing even now, after 10 months, when we can confidently book our mini-breaks and weekends away. Apparently during this time there has been record breaking sales of caravans. So, when things are eventually back to normal, we will hopefully have a new group of ralliers in North Lancs. The Club will need support from our members old and new to attend rallies and also hold a Rally. Please don’t worry, you are not expected to go to the lengths I did back in the 80s!

To bring this to a close. Please keep yourselves safe and well and I hope to meet you all very soon!

Yours very sincerely,