Technical Announcements

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Technical Information Bulletin from the Caravan Club, Reference Gas Cylinders

The Caravan Club have issued a technical information bulletin about gas bottles,

There are three main issues and the attached bulletin plus a few words below will hopefully help to answer members queries.

  • 1. Re-filling gas bottles both Gaslow and standard cylinders - see pages 4 & 5 Plus the NCC and the LPG industry's trade association will later this year publish a paper on this issue.
  • 2. Free standing gas bottles on Club sites and rallies see page 5 of the attached bulletin.
  • 3. Using the barbecue connection - Gas systems in units with the universal regulator the appliances are designed to operate at 30mbar. Using an old style regulators propane is 'gassed' at 38mbar and butane at 28mbar, in both cases there is a possibility of incomplete combustion and under health and safety procedures it could be said that the regulator is not fit for purpose. Plus there is the issue in question 2.

Caravan Gas Point

The Caravan Club have advised all Centres to inform their members that back feeding gas into your caravan through the barbecue point is dangerous and bad practice. The Caravan Club and the North Lancashire Centre Committee Strongly advise all members not to do this.